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WP2: Product Development Partnerships

Secondly we study in detail Product Development Partnerships. Product Development Partnerships (PDP) have an important role in global access to essential medicines. This will be a detailed study on the role that PDPs play in product development, with significant emphasis on management of IP, dealmaking, and strategic partnering to ensure effective development of products neglected by the pharmaceutical industry. The specific model for PDPs will be the Paediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative (PDVI). We will identify what has worked and what has not, in terms of commercial strategies and outcomes, and the lessons this has for product development for neglected diseases for newer and emerging PDPs and potential alternative development initiatives of the future. This covers a wide range of issues such as addressing licensing, market segmentation, defining the public and private sectors, enforcement of milestones and march in rights in dealing with industrial partners and addressing issues of product liability.