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WP3: Compulsory Licensing

Finally we embark upon a comprehensive study on compulsory licensing (CL) that spans the transition from national governments issuing compulsory licenses for specific pharmaceuticals for own country needs under earlier frameworks under TRIPS, leading to newer mechanisms whereby nations without manufacturing capacity can use compulsory licenses to procure patented medicines through a generic manufacturer based in a country with manufacturing capacity. National case studies in the procurement of a compulsory license to manufacture or export generics will be an important feature. We will dissect in detail, following historical and anticipated future events, how legislation in its currently drafted form and current national administrative and manufacturing capacity will impact on access to pharmaceuticals through CL. Stakeholder views will also be documented and analysed. Proposals for improvement to drafted legislation, and identification and suggestions for minimising restrictive conditions, such as limited lists of qualifying drugs and diseases, will be developed for future use of governments and policymakers.